“It’s not the side effects of the cocaine,” sang David Bowie on the eponymous named album Station to Station. Which is the opposite of what the late rocker would claim about some of his rather outre political statements from the 1970s. That being said, Bowie’s flirtation with fascist symbols ...

Strauss and Identitarianism

I am advocating that the alt-right become the elites and philosopher kings that speak exoterically to the White American masses to mask our own particularist cause - the preservation of White Americans.

Jim Goad – The War on Whites Reaches New Heights

Jim Goad is an American author and publisher. He co-authored and published the magazine ANSWER ME! and The Redneck Manifesto. We begin by discussing Jim’s background and what inspired him to write The Redneck Manifesto. Jim tells us about his ideological journey, which began with liberalism, but quickly deviated from ...

Edgy Feminism: “Vaginal Knitting”

A feminist knits with wool that has been inserted into her vagina and calls it art. She aims to “challenge fear of female genitalia.” This is an excerpt from episode twenty-three of Weekend Warrior, a live show available for Red Ice Members.

The Myth of the Right Wing Extremist

The myth of the ‘right wing extremist’ is ultimately a rather calculated tool, regularly employed with the sole aim of stifling White voices.

Entering the New Paradigm

2016 was an eventful year, marked by populist victories and globalist defeats, ranging from the Trump presidency to referendums on EU membership in Great Britain, immigration in Hungary and the constitution in Italy. 2017 is bound to continue this trend.
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