Introducing Selite’s Wochenschau is pleased to present the inaugural episode of the most informative interview-based weekly pogrom in the AltRight: Selite’s Wochenschau!


Don Camillo & the mystery of Arab spontaneous self-combustion (5:40)
The Grinch & Why Hippies will never escape college debt (1:03:15)
Mac & Why Kangz Don’t Surf/Swim, and other USMC anecdotes (1:44:15)



  1. Lemurian Nationalist 14 July, 2017 at 10:57 Reply

    Wait.. the guy says that if poor whites in Appalachia and Alabama had the the “opportunity” to clean toilets for a living instead of immigrants doing it, they would do LESS opiates? Lol. I don’t think u understand how this works, fam